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December 16th: Added a Support Bundle for Bulgarians (Released Feb 2021).

December 15th: GEGStarter Bulgaria - the final stretch goal has fallen! We did it, we're making a full range of 40 Bulgarian 28mm figures for WWII!

December 4th: GEGStarter Bulgaria - we are within 1 pledge of unlocking Stretch Goal 5 - Sniper and ATR Team.

December 1st: Christmas ordering dates are here.

November 23rd: This GEGStarter Bulgaria is fun - Stretch Goal 3 has fallen, next up is the ATG Crew. Get pledging!

November 14th: GEGStarter Bulgaria - we have reached Stretch Goal 1! Next goal is to unlock the HMG Team.

November 14th: GEGStarter Bulgaria - let's get a range of 28mm WWII Bulgarians onto your tabletop!

November 12th: New in from Company B - Steam CraneGebirgsjager Decals (28mm infantry), Gen. Patton's Staff Car

November 11th: The Chicago Way and Dead Man's Hand Starter Sets are available now!

September 17th: New Cobi kits are in stock, including the new 1:48 kits at only £19.99!

September 11th: New in from Company B - Japanese SNLF 32 and Romanian T3 (Panzer III)

September 10th: Updated Danish Infantry Painting Guide uploaded.

September 9th: New bundles - Heavy German Casualties and Heavy Soviet Casualties 

September 4th: New Blitzkrieg 28mm vehicles inc. Bison, Cromwell and a host of French and  Italian AFV's.

August 11th: Iron Cross now available as a PDF! 

August 7th: New Release! Romanian R2 Tank. Also available as a troop of three vehicles.

August 6th: New Releases! All Dead Man's Hand. Dead Renegades, Dead Cavalry, Dead Pinkertons & Dead Man's Hand Quadrilogy, all 4 books post free worldwide!

We've updated a deal for all 8 sets of DMH casualties.

August 5th: New Releases! Romanian FO Team in Winter Gear and Romanian AT Rifle Team in Winter Uniform.

August 4th: New Releases! Romanian Forward Observer Team and Anti-Tank Rifle Team in Summer Uniform, plus Bersaglieri AT Rifle Team in Winter Uniform.

August 3rd: New Releases! German casualties in Summer Uniform and Winter Uniform. Plus new card DMH Markers & TCW Markers.

August 2nd: New Releases! Soviet Casualties in Summer Uniform and Winter UniformIron Cross Rule book & TAC Deck plus the Iron Cross Rules & Marker Deal, plus the 1914 Rulebook are free shipping until August 10th!

August 1st: Dead Man's Hand Core Rules now come with game markers and free shipping worldwide! All DMH books are free shipping worldwide!

July 31st: The Chicago Way Core Rules now come with game markers and free shipping worldwide!

August 2nd: New Releases! Soviet Casualties in Summer Uniform and Winter Uniform

August 1st: Dead Man's Hand Core Rules now come with game markers and free shipping worldwide! All DMH books are free shipping worldwide!

July 31st: The Chicago Way Core Rules now come with game markers and free shipping worldwide!

June 12th: New Perry Austrian Cavalry and Victrix French Lancers are in!

May 26th: We have a few Fabled Realms 4Ground buildings available at super low clearance prices. 

May 22nd: Dead Man's Hand buildings are back in stock but very limited!

May 7th: Wargames Atlantic Dark Age IrishAfghan and Persian plastic box sets are in!

May 3rd: More AK Interactive Leaves in the shop.

May 2nd: Brand new AK Interactive plastic, super and PVA glues. The citrus one smells like Starburst!

May 1st: Happy International Workers' Day! We're working and we have a few fistfuls of new releases today.

Greeks have two new guns and two new gun crews. Alpini have a mountain gun and crew. Winter Italians have the same gun and new crew.

April 18th: Released today, Seven Days to the River Rhine PDF version. Use discount code 7days to get £3 off the normal price. Expires end of April.

April 16th: Iron Cross orbats for Operation Weserubung Sud, the German invasion of Denmark uploaded!

April 13th: Danish Infantry WWII painting guide 

April 13th: We have newly configured our "Complete Dead Man's Hand" bundle. Saves over £450.00 of the full price.

April 12th: Kickstarter is going ace! We've created a page with images of our Danish WWII Infantry.

April 9th: Our Danish Kickstarter is live!

April 4th: Out soon is the Alpini Light Mountain Gun - Obice da 75/13 & 4 crew and we did a step by step painting guide in this PDF.

April 2nd: Romanian TUNUL DE CAMP 7.5cm Mod. 1897 Field Gun now available with crew in summer or winter uniform.

April 1st: Tons of Bersaglieri new releases available now!

March 2nd: Iron Cross is now available with the TAC Card Deck, or available as a bundle with Rule book, TAC Deck and marker sets.

February 28th: The rules for using Tactical Advantage Cards in Iron Cross may be downloaded here.

February 21st: Four new Stoessi's Heroes packs and Seven Days to the River Rhine card deck

February 21st: New Stalingrad German Sniper Team in Summer Gear

February 5th: Urban Warfare Battle Ready Bases from Gamer's Grass

January 29th: New Gamer's Grass Tiny Tufts!

January 28th: Painted examples of our Bersaglieri are now online.

January 26th: Pre-order Hungarians in Winter Uniform

January 10th: Our Hungarian Cavalry range is now on general release!

January 9th: Updated errata for 1914.

2019 - please note that links here refer to the previous website; they won't work if you click them.

November 2nd: Battle for France 1940 orbats for Iron Cross now uploaded.

October 23rd: Le livre de règles de La légende de Dead Man's Hand, tout en couleurs, de 88 pages.

October 10th: New, updated Stalingrad orbats for Iron Cross covering Soviet, German, Italian, Hungarian and Romanian forces. 

October 3rd: Alpini new releases! 81mm Mortar Team and Anti-tank Gun Crew.

October 1st: Victrix Germanic Warriors are in!

September 28th: Pre-order Italian Bersaglieri in Winter Uniform

September 21st: Rule book and Marker sets now available for Iron Cross and Seven Days to the River Rhine for £27 and £30 respectively.

September 20th: Now you can get the separate rules and special play cards for The Count, The Tong, Plains Indians and Daughters of the West.

September 13th: New out today! Italian Alpini HMG Team and 45mm Brixia Mortar.

September 11th: More DMH Collectables in the store and Japanese Te-Ke Tankette from Company B.

August 29th: Out this weekend! Alpini Sniper Team and Anti-tank Rifle Team. Also we have AK Interactive paint sets for Greeks and Alpini in their sections.

August 28th: New hamlet set for 1914

August 24th: We've just had a clean up of the WWII and Iron Cross sections of the shop and created a bunch of new Iron Cross Company Deals at nearly 20% of the pack full price.

August 13th: Very cool new AK Interactive foliage, tufts, laser cut plants and leaves.

August 6th: Tons of new 4Ground train goodies added, including a Build Your Own Train Set deal.

August 6th: New Stoessi's Heroes! German Haupsturmführer – Fritz Klingenberg and Soviet Cook – Ivan Pavlovich, 91st Tank Regiment

August 5th: New in Japanese kits from Company B: Type 94 Searchlight Truck and Type 95 Kurogane Recon, plus Japanese decals

Also in from Company B is Japanese naval paratroopers - SNLF

August 4th: New Temple themed Battle Ready Bases.

July 29th: New tufts from Gamer's Grass! Alien Fire and Neon.

July 24th: New Soviet Stalingrad Veterans in Winter Uniform. HMG, 82mm Mortar, Sniper team and PTRS-41 ATR team. Also on that page is a fistful of new army deals.

July 18th: Three new Greek WWII releases today. Flamethrower Team, 45mm Mortar, Boys AT Rifle Team.

July 16th: New in from 4Ground! Wooden decking basesPre-painted Machine Gun Bunker 28mm scale, Pre-painted Anti-tank Gun Bunker 28mm scale

July 5th: New release! Greek Mountain Infantry Sniper Team!

June 29th: Our tenth WWII range - Stalingrad Soviet Veterans in Winter Gear - is released today. Out first are the command squad, infantry squads, atg crew. More packs follow next month, inc. HMG, mortar, sniper, AT rifle team. Also released is Soviet Scouts.

June 27th: More new Rubicon kits! Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind2cm Flakvierling 383.7cm Flak 43

June 19th: New Rubicon kits! Panzer IV Ausf D/EAusf F/F2/G/HAusf JChevy 30cwt LRDG TruckWillys Jeep Trailer

June 14th: New releases! HMG and Mortar for Greek Mountain Infantry.


May 22nd: New Cobi kits in store now!

May 22nd: Limited Availability! Just got our shipment of Deluxe Boxes of AK Interactive Weathering Pencils

May 17th: Released Friday, NATO Command Tokens for Seven Days to the River Rhine

May 16th: New Stoessi's Heroes - US Airborne Major Julian Cook and British Brigadier John Ormsby Evelyn "Joe" Vandeleur.

May 14th: Seven Days to the River Rhine Errata/FAQ.

May 10th: New in! German static MG34/42 with no crew. Perfect battleground litter!

May 7th: New Company B Filipino Guerillas are in! Also, decals for Romanian tanks in German service.

May 2nd: The legendary ModelMates - now Dirty Down - Rust Effect is back! Get it while it's here! Also available are the Verdigris and Moss Effect liquids and the Frost & Snow Spray.

May 1st: New in - Victrix Mounted Roman GeneralsRubicon Dragon Teeth & Czech Hedgehog Set, City Wall Set and Utility & Light Pole Set

April 27th: New AK Interactive Weathering Pencils

April 26th: New AK Interactive Camouflage Nets and Perry 28mm WWII US Infantry plastic box.

April 25th: For Clash of Empires we have added new Early Numidian, Later Numidian and Marian Roman lists, plus updated Later Carthaginian and Republican Roman lists. Link.

April 23rd: All the tokens and markers for Seven Days to the River Rhine and Iron Cross are back in stock.

April 20th: Our next 28mm range for WWII is Italian Alpini.

April 18th: Check out the descriptive videos for Seven Days to the River Rhine on our youtube channel.


February 26th: New Rubicon items! Kettenkrad, Kubelwagen, Goliath and Michael Wittmann.

February 14th: Loads of new Japanese items from Company B.

February 7th: New Stoessi's Heroes! US Airborne Lieutenant Colonel – Benjamin Vandervoort, and, the most dangerous man in Europe - Otto Skorzeny

February 5th: The Legend of Dead Man's Hand is out of print but will return late March.

January 25th: From Company B - Japanese Ka-Mi Amphibious Tank and Daihatsu Landing BargeRomanian R-1 Light Tank and Soviet Regimental Artillery 76mm 

January 18th: New in! AK Interactive True Metal Paints.

January 2nd: Released today, Romanian 47mm Bohler AT Gun with Crew in Summer UniformCrew and gun also available separately.



December 17th: More new goodies in time for Xmas! Soviet Assault Engineers and Italian Solothurn AT Rifle.

December 15th: Anti-tank Guns with Soviet crew are released today. 45mm, ZiS-2 57mm, ZiS-3 76mm and M1939 F22 76mm guns.

Also, bundle deals and an Army Builder deal added for Soviets.

December 12th: More new Winter Romanians! Anti-tank Gun Crew II and Bohler 47mm AT Gun. Plus we have added Army Builder deals for Romanians, Hungarians, Germans and Italians.

December 11th: Tons of new WW2 Winter Italians! Plus an Army Builder deal!

December 4th: New WWII Stuff! Hungarian Rocket Launcher from Company B, Italian Breda MMGItalian 81mm MortarItalian 45mm Mortar

November 29th: More new things from 4Ground! Blacksmith's Furnace and Carpenter's Equipment.

November 27th: More new DMH buildings. Red Barn & Stable SetHarper's Dry GoodsNew Railroad Tracks

November 23rd: A train and new buildings for Dead Man's Hand - Train (Red)Train (Black)Lime White StablesRed Barn

November 22nd: Three new Stoessi's Heroes - Canadian Pte. Leo MajorYevdokiya Zavaliy "Frau Black Death"German Hauptmann Gunther Viezenz

November 19th: Released today! Winter Italian Platoon, Command, Squad A and Squad B. More Italian releases next month!

November 16th: Hungarian Army Builder deal added.

November 15th: New Winter Italians! Pre-order now, shipping from November 19th.


November 13th: Restock of Model Scene mats has arrived!

November 1st: Get a Chain of Command German army!

October 31st: Loads of new stuff for Japan and Italy from Company B. IJA Paratroopers, Italian Cannone da 90/53 in towed and deployed versions and TM40 Artillery Tractor.

October 25th: New Rubicon kits! LVT landing craft.

October 23rd: A massive new release with our range of Stalingrad Germans.

October 18th: Three new releases for Dead Man's Hand! Two new rogues - Maeve Newton and Delores Wood - and a new building - Dentistry & Attorney at Law.

October 15th: Two new Romanian packs released today! Flamethrowers in summer and winter uniforms.

                 Another 1914 scenario from Tim Colman - Last Stand at Zandvoorde 30 October, 1914 - is available to download.

October 2nd: Four new Stoessi's Heroes! Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade General Major – Stanislaw Sosabowski; Lieutenant Colonel Robert Blair “Paddy” Mayne; Lieutenant (SAS) John Steel “Jock” Lewes; German Brigadeführer & Generalmajor – Heinz Harmel. 

September 26th: Four new packs for The Chicago Way! Reinforcements for each gang inc. one armed with BAR.

September 25th: Loads of livestock - 28mm scale - now available. 

September 24th: A pdf of a scenario for 1914 - Delaying Action at Landrecies by Tim Colman - is now available for download.

September 21st: New release for Soviets! Maxim HMG, Mortar, Sniper Team, PTRD-41.

September 10th: New from Gamer's Grass - Battle Ready Bases. These are beautiful and stock will not last long!

August 2nd: Two new Rubicon kits - GAZ Truck and SdKfz 222/223

July 19th: Three new Cobi kits - ME262aTank Mark I and a U-Boat!

July 13th: Two new Rogues for Dead Man's Hand. Calamity Jane and Jonah, The Scarred Man.

July 9th: New in this week, the new range of high quality sprays from AK Interactive.

June 26th: More anti-tank guns! Soviet 45mm M1942, ZiS-2 and ZiS3 are out today. Soviet crew will follow soon.

June 21st: New out today - Stalingrad Soviet Platoon, Command, Squad A, Squad B and Romanian Tank Hunters in Summer Uniform.

June 11th: Released today, packs for 1914 German, British, Belgian and French armies.

May 24th: Over a dozen new releases today for Hungarians and Winter Romanians, including some army deals.

May 22nd: New for Dead Man's Hand, The Hearse. Box set of hearse, horses and crew.

May 16th: New box sets from Gripping BeastPerryVictrix and Fireforge, plus the new Eastern Front Partisans from Crusader.

May 6th: 1914 Errata sheet is now up!

May 2nd: New pre-painted, super lovely 1914 buildings from 4Ground are available now!

April 25th: New Hungarian releases inc. a big bundle deal, tank hunters and 81mm mortar. Also, new from Company B - Humber MKIII Light Recon.

April 17th: Interview with Beasts of War at Salute

April 7th: Released on April 14th, two new gangs for Dead Man's Hand - Plains Indians and The Other Seven.

March 20th: Released today! Romanians in Winter Uniform! Command and two Rifle Squads, plus a deal for all three!

February 23rd: Out now - Hungarian Support weapons including Schwarzlose HMG, 50mm Mortar, Sniper team and Anti-tank gun crew.

February 13th: Out now - Hungarian Infantry 28mm WWII

February 7th: New release for the Romanians! The TACAM R-2 tank destroyer.

January 25th: New Perry Miniatures Zulus!

January 17th: New Rubicon kits - PaK38 with crewPaK40 with crewM4 Sherman / Firefly ICM4 Sherman Composite / Firefly IC Hybrid

January 8th: New Stoessi's Heroes in stock!

January 3rd: New plastic Medieval Knights from Conquest Games.



December 18th: It's the new and official Dead Man's Hand facebook group!

November 30th: New TACAM T-60 Romanian tank destroyer!

November 28th: New out today: a "Kennel of Dogs". A set of five friendly dogs.


November 20th: new Gripping Beast plastic Dark Age Cavalry are out!

November 6th: A lovely new 28mm scale European Windmill by 4Ground is now in. Also, a bunch of new plastic Rubicon kits including two ShermansBritish CMP 15cwt TruckM3/M3A1 Expansion Kit and German PaK 36. Lastly today, we have three new Stoessi's Heroes: Simeone Seguin & Nancy Wake (French Resistance) and Soviet Army Guards Senior Sergeant Mariya Oktyabrskaya

 November 2nd: Loads of new Cobi WWII releases, including Ferdinands, Elephants, Maus & Bombers!

October 29th: Coming soon, two new gangs for Dead Man's Hand: The Count and The Tong. Pre-order them here!

October 10th: New Stoessi's Heroes including Frost & Carlyle!

October 5th: Cursed Townsfolk are available to pre-order

September 28th: Out next week and available for pre-order, the Romanian 75mm Resita Anti-tank Gun M1943.

September 19th: Out now for DMH, The Professor!

September 5th: New Stoessi's Heroes!

September 2nd: Sword & Spear 2nd Edition is now available as an interactive pdf.

August 30th: Testors Dullcote back in stock.

August 23rd: Army deals added for Romanian forces for Iron Cross, Chain of Command and Rules of Engagement.

August 16th: New out this weekend - Romanian MG Team, Mortar and Sniper Team. Plus a deal for all the Romanians!

August 14th: Nikephorian Byzantine, Pecheng & Syrian Arab army lists for Clash of Empires added.


August 11th: Just added a load of stuff for WWII, from miniatures to tank kits in various categories.

July 12th: New Rubicon kits for GermanUS and Commonwealth forces!

July 1st: New stuff for DMH - Snakes!Rotten HorsesRotten Cattle and new Cacti!

June 27th: We have just added the DMH Collectibles range from one of our partners in Germany, Stronghold Terrain.

June 23rd: Out now - 28mm WW2 Romanians!

May 26th: "Wild Bill got bit!" Cursed Characters now out!

May 19th: New in: AK Interactive brushes

May 14th: New Stoessi's Heroes available to order, plus we have Roy Urquhart back in stock!

May 10th: Here is a lovely starter town deal for the Curse of DMH - £99 for five buildings, post free and saving £30!


News Archive 2015/16

May 8th: Also out are the Cursed Reverend, Corpse Carrion and Dread Wolves.

May 8th: Buffalo Man, Mountain Lion and Cheveyo Death Hunter are out and available!

April 29th: Even more Cobi kits added, including StuG IV, Sherman and Yakovlev Yak-1. Now over 50 kits in stock!

April 28th: Massive restock of Cobi!


December 3rd: New Victrix Numidian Infantry available for pre-order!

December 2nd: