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January 31st: The new 2mm tufts from Gamer's Grass are in! Four new flavours! Plus new plastic 28mm EIR Bolt Shooters from Victrix.

January 12th: Oh my, the new Victrix Cataphracts are we have had a full restock of Rubicon kits.


December 28th: Our 2024 preview newsletter is out on Sunday. If you haven't already, sign up here.

December 4th: We just had a nice tidy up of the 1914 section of the webshop. We will be adding some more painted pics, plus some news about the Russian and Austro-Hungarian ranges in the next few years.

November 30th: Resupply drops have just landed from 4Ground and Frontline. Get your Frontline furniture packs for your 4Ground buildings and get 'em all painted and ready for the new plastic buildings!

November 29th: A very popular festival takes place in December, here are the Xmas posting dates.

November 28th: One new event has been added to our Wargames Event appearances in 2024, with UK Games Expo added to tour dates.

November 15th: The Kickstarter campaign closes with 1014 backers and nearly 300% funded! Amazing! We're getting hard to work to get Dead Man's Hand Redux finished and released on target in April, 2024. We'll keep updating the Redux pages in the lead up to the launch.

November 14th: There's a chunk of extras with Kickstarter pledges, so please go and check it out now. We have had in some lovely, BRAND NEW AK Interactive wet palettes. These are brand new. We LOVE their previous one, so this one should be good.

November 6th: More "How to Play" have been added to the Redux pages.

November 5th: There is a lot of information regarding the new Dead Man's Hand Redux on our dedicated page.

November 3rd: The new Deserts of Maahl pre-painted bases are in from Gamer's Grass, and we will have a Fireforge Samuraire-order landing imminently, so you can pre-order them now.

November 1st: The Kickstarter campaign is rolling on! Pkease take a look and have a look at the DMH Redux web page on this site.

October 26th: It's time! Grab yer shootin' irons and get over to the Kickstarter page!

October 19th: We have several new and interesting goodies from AK Interactive in. Leaf punchespaneliners and some sexy new enamel liquid pigment sets.

October 13th: Take a look at our DMH Redux preview page. And here is the exclusive first construction video by Battle Bunker HQ featuring the new DMH single storey building: UNBOXING AND BUILD

October 4th: We're on Blue Sky at

October 3rd: We have 5 new plastic kits in from Fireforge Games new Samurai range

October 2nd: Major, exciting announcement regarding Dead Man's Hand, please read here. We also have some pics of the new hard plastic buildings in the DMH Redux section.

We joined the Battle Bunker HQ to discuss this at length on their Sunday night podcast here.

September 28th: Two new sets of deadies - Dead Citizens and Dead Tong

September 28th: Two new plastic kits - British WWI Infantry (1916-18) from Wargames Atlantic and Unarmoured Norman Cavalry from Victrix.

September 27th: A load of new Bad Squiddo packs from the My Last Sunrise range has just been added (we sooo love that Vampire Hunters pack).

September 11th: A chunk of new Rubicon kits have arrived!

August 23rd: The Pony Express dropped off a hefty order of 4Ground Dead Man's Hand buildings this very afternoon!

August 18th: And another release for The Chicago Way. The Bootleggers get two packs of reinforcements - The Suits and The Muscle.

August 17th: New sets from Wargames Atlantic - German SentriesBritish SAS/CommandosDual use 25mm Round Bases (these are back and they are amazing).

August 15th: Two new packs for Dead Man's Hand - Dead Plains Indians and Dead Daughters

August 14th: Dead Man's Hand Roster Pads are back!

August 3rd: A massive restock of Dead Man's Hand building kits from 4Ground has just landed!

July 20th: Norman Crossbowmen from Victrix are released! Another amazing set!

July 19th: Today we release our third plastic set, the General Purpose Wagon. Also available as an unhitched wagon and you can get 5 in our Circle the Wagons set..

July 3rd: Finally! After 'enjoying' an extended stay in Customs, the new Gamer's Grass tufts are here!

June 29th: A pallet of 4Ground Dead Man's Hand buildings has just landed. Almost all items are now in stock!

June 23rd: Peaky Blinders Reinforcements! Two new packs, available now!

June 22nd: New Gamer's Grass tufts! These are stunning. Loads of new Alien tufts released on June 29th. Pre-order today!

June 20th: New range! Early War Waffen SS from May '40 Miniatures. All in stock now!

June 18th: Early War Fallschirmjäger restock is in from May '40 Miniatures.

June 9th: Speedpaints 2.0 (sets and 90 individual pots) are in stock and ready to ship out! And Romanian Cavalry are released following a slight delay (they were supposed to out last week).

June 6th: Speedpaints are in the Clearance! section. If you haven't tried one before, give them a go. We painted the new DMH Wagon with speedpaints.

June 5th: Our third plastic kit for Dead Man's Hand is the General Purpose Wagon and it's available for pre-order now.

May 29th: Just added a load of AK Interactive paint sets for WWI to the modern era.

May 24th: Grab yourself some Army Painter Speedpaints at just £2.50 per pot.

May 22nd: Our third plastic kit is set for release in July. It's the plastic Dead Man's Hand Covered Wagon and we have a preview page set up. Just click here.

May 18th: Another new Victrix kit, this time it's Late Roman Armoured Cavalry and we have a new release from Dirty Down (used to be branded as Modelmates) who have released Yellow Rust effect liquid. As with their legendary Rust Effect, this is also made from ingredients provided by the tooth fairy. Have a look at the fact sheet link in the product description.

May 5th: New in from Perry Miniatures - Russian Uhlans 1812-14Franco-Prussian War French Infantry Firing Line and Advancing. And British Household Cavalry from Victrix.

May 3rd: Free shipping returns! We have free shipping offers for orders of £40 or more for the UK, and we have now reinstated free shipping for orders of £60 or more worldwide. There are better value tracking options which we highly recommend as they are faster and, er, tracked!

April 28th: Eight new releases for Winter Hungarians!

April 24th: Released today! Two new dangerous factions for Dead Man's Hand - The Bucks ansd The Boys. And two new gangs are muscling into The Chicago Way - Peaky Blinders and Bootleggers.

April 24th: Available from the 27th, from Gamer's Grass, Alien Infestation and Spaceship Corridor pre-painted, battle ready bases!

April 21st: The 2nd edition of TRIBAL has just been published and we managed to get a case for Salute.

April 20th: We're packing for Salute and will be on the road tonight! Webstore is still open and shipping on Friday.

April 13th: Our Romanian Cavalry Kickstarter campaign has just ended and was a total success. If you didn't get on the KS, they will be on general release in late May.

April 7th: Two new factions for Dead Man's Hand - The Bucks and The Boys available for pre-order, released at Salute.

April 7th: Two new factions for The Chicago Way - Peaky Blinders and Bootleggers available for pre-order, released at Salute.

April 6th: New! Victrix Late Roman (or Romano-British, Goth, E. Byzantine) Armoured Infantry.

March 30th: The Romanian Cavalry Kickstarter campaign has launched! 

March 28th: Back to the Eastern Front! A new mini-Kickstarter campaign for Romanian cavalry. Please click here for the pre-launch page.

March 13th: New Company B kits in - sIG33b SPGP26/40 Italian Heavy TankType 98 Shi-Ke Prime Mover and Type 96 Japanese 150mm Howitzer.

March 10th: New in! 50 sheet Roster Pad for your Dead Man's Hand games

March 6th: New AK goodies in.

March 1st: It's March already! New releases for our Norwegian 28mm WWII range - Sniper Team, Pioneer Team, AT Gun Crew and Madsen AT Gun.

February 21st: New Bad Squiddo packs. Well, what a batch! The Lady Macbeth figure is jaw droppingly good. 

February 17th: More Norwegian releases! Mortar, HMG, Tank Hunters and Ski Troops!

February 8th: Tree Pen! This was a successful Kickstarter project by Bad Squiddo. We have them on our desks and we have a few of these rare items left for you.

February 7th: I think most hardcore hobbyists will find many uses for the Capybara Family from Bad Squiddo Games!

February 1st: Royal Mail is permitting tracked services only for international shipments. We have suspended all non-tracked shipping options until further notice.

January 27th: And a massive restock of Dead Man's Hand buildings from 4Ground is all stocked in and ready for for shipping and gluing!

January 26th: A metric ton of new Rubicon kits has landed, including the Huey!

January 26th: Royal Mail is now accepting international shipments that are tracked. If you ordering, select a tracked service for immediate shipment. If you are still awaiting shipment and wish to upgrade to tracked, please let us know and we will arrange it.

January 25th: Found another few errant Hungarian cavalry to go into the Clearance! section. An almost full squad pack, LMG gunners and trooper packs.

January 23rd: New release! Norwegian 28mm WWII infantry. First release, more coming next month. Netflix has released Narvik today, regarding the battle for the town from April 9th to June 8th, 1940.

RM has temporarily suspended ALL international shipments. We have courier options available, but we are assured that Royal Mail is addressing the situation and normal shipments will resume soon.

January 19th: And another new AK range: Battle Grounds Terrain. An extension of the Diorama Series basing products, the Battle Grounds range introduces many more colours. The "How To" sheet is here.

January 18th: New range! AK Interactive Liquid Pigments. Take a look at these products and the "How To" sheet here.

January 16th: Decal sheets have appeared in the Clearance! section.

January 11th: A massive restock of 4Ground Dead Man's Hand buildings has just landed!

January 6th: Out today, Scythian/Parthian Horse Archers from Victrix.

January 5th: Added a load of WWII figures to the Clearance! section.

December 30th: German FO Teams in both Summer and Winter gear released today.

December 24th: New in! SpaceNam and Cannon Fodder II from Wargames Atlantic.

December 17th: Revamped Clearance! section is up and running and full of all sorts of end of line items and oddities. We'll be adding items almost every day for the rest of December.

December 16th: New out today, German 88 crew in winter gear.

December 2nd: New releases! Forward Observer teams for HungariansItalians and Bersaglieri.

December 1st: A massive restock of DMH 4Ground buildings has landed!

November 29th: Is there anything prettier than a massed phalanx of cataphracts. New Parthian Cataphracts from Gripping Beast are in the webstore.

November 20th: Last day of the Norway 1940 Kickstarter. Ends at 6pm UK time.

November 18th: Plentry of new releases. Alpini FO TeamGoth Warriors plastic set (Wargames Atlantic), Berber Infantry & Black Guard plastic sets (Fireforge) and some Bad Squiddo packs inc. Zombie Snowmen and WW2 Gents in Panto Dress!

November 2nd 6pm: Our Norway 1940 Kickstarter launches!

October 6th: It's time for Partizan in Newark, probably the prettiest wargames show on the calendar. This Sunday, we will have the mega-stand in our usual place.

October 1st: Well, a few new Bad Squiddo packs are in the shop. Norma and MarilynColouring BooksAlpacas, more Guinea Pigs and, our fave of this release, Giant Bunnies (stunning paint job on these, such a Watership Down vibe!)

September 15th: New Gamer's Grass laser cut plants. Five new types!

September 9th: We have added a whole host of Wargames Atlantic boxes.

August 23rd: New AK Interactive items have landed, including Ivy FoliageChestnut Foliage and new Abteilung 502 Drybrushes.

August 18th: With The Legend back in print, you can now get all 3 sourcebooks for Dead Man's Hand for just £30 (full rrp is £42).

August 17th: The Legend of Dead Man's Hand is back in print!

August 12th: New releases! Romanian Late War AT Weapons, plus a chunk of Greeks. Greek Winter Ambush TeamFlamethrower TeamForward Observer Team and Chaplains!

August 11th: Unfortunately we have had to pull out of the Britcon show this weekend. If you wanted to see us at the show to get a pre-order or get some stuff on the day, please let us know and we will ship it to you free of postage charge. 

August 10th: New Blitzkrieg kits in now!

July 14th: The Limited Edition Dead Man's Hand Starter Set is now sold out and gone. We do have a new Dead Man's Hand starter deal, which is basically the same without the box and dice.

July 13th: Bad Squiddo undead animals added

July 10th: New plastic sets in - TurcopolesBritish Heavy Dragoons and Norman Infantry.

July 1st: Great Escape Games is delighted to announce we will continue to distribute the Dead Man's Hand Old West range of terrain designed by Jealous Gods and formerly distributed by 4Ground Publishing. Please go to the DMH Buildings section of the webshop.

June 21st: It's a pretty packed 2022 UK tour for us with two more shows - Fiasco in Leeeds and SELWG in London - just added. We have our tour dates here.

June 7th: The medieval lists for Clash of Empires have been reposted in the CoE downloads section.


May 23rd: After selling out of some, all the new Rubicon kits are now back in stock.

May 18th: Loads and loads of new Rubicon kits are in!

April 28th: New Conquistadors and Aztec Warrior plastic boxes are in.

April 6th: The legendary Rust Effect liquid is back!

April 4th: Romanian TACAM R-2 and T-60 Tank Destroyers are now remastered and back in stock!

April 1st: Pre-order Gunfighters II Plastic Lady Gunfighters

March 19th: Released this weekend: Greek and Alpini Mule Teams.

March 18th: New in! Wargames Atlantic Italian WWII Infantry and Panzer Lehr troops.

March 16th: Army Painter Speedpaint singles are released on March 26th. You may pre-order them here and they'll be shipped on Friday, 25th March.

March 15th: The fallschirmjäger have landed! May '40 Early War German paratroopers have arrived!

March 11th: New Dutch Infantry squad packs in from May 40 Miniatures, plus new Danish Naval Infantry and King Christian X.


March 9th: Loads of new Bad Squiddo packs added, plus new Gripping Beast plastic Dark Age Welsh and Picts.

March 1st: New stuff! Danish Medic and Rifle Grenadiers, plus (released Friday) Victrix plastic Norman Cavalry.

February 23rd: Added the officially licensed Jim Fitzpatrick and Frazetta Death Dealer ranges from Lucid Eye.

February 23rd: We have put together some Hungarian Mixed Infantry packs which are super cheap. Very limited number.

February 22nd: And another clutch of Bad Squiddo scenics is in!

February 22nd: Delightful news. Attack! Devizes, possibly our favourite show, is back on July 16-17 this year.

February 21st: And the Goblins and Hobgoblins from Lucid Eye's Blades & Souls range are on!

February 21st: We are now the show stockist for Lucid Eye Productions! First ranges on the website are Savage Core and Ziggurat. Other ranges are uploading over the coming hours.

February 20th: Added a load of Bad Squiddo's lovely WW2 British range.

February 18th: New release! Greek Infantry 81mm Mortar Team in Winter Uniform.

February 15th: A mini figure case for my DMH gang? For £7.50? Err, yeah...

February 15th: Added a chunk of the lovely Bad Squiddo Scenics range

February 13th: Pre-order! Shipping Friday! New Army Painter Speedpaints Starter Set!

February 9th: A chunk of new Greek Infantry in Winter gear releases out now.

February 2nd: Shipping now! Dead Man’s Hand Two Player Box Set 2022 (Limited Edition)

January 27th: New release! Following the GEGStarter launch, Greek Winter infantry are now available.

January 14th: Pre-order the Dead Man’s Hand Two Player Box Set 2022 (Limited Edition)

January 6th: New Rubicon Stowage sets are in!

January 5th: Clearance paint sets! See clearance section at the bottom of this page.

December 31st: New release! Early War German 50mm Mortar Team.

December 30th: New in! Marta Kolinsky sable brushes from Abteilung 502.

December 22nd: Two very pretty new releases from AK Interactive have arrived. Transparent Acrylic Colours Set and Premium Kolinsky Brush set.

December 9th: New Colour Forge range of super large spray cans are in!


December 3rd: We got six extra Greek packs unlocked from the GEGStarter. More news to follow. 

Christmas posting dates are online here.

November 27th: Last weekend of GEGStarter Hellas - 28mm Greek WWII Infantry. 5 stretch goals unlocked so far.

November 26th: We are off to the Warfare show at Ascot Racecourse today. The show is Sat-Sun, 27/28 November.

We'll have new WWII releases, all the major ranges we carry, plus the magnificent mega-tuft stand. Come and say hello and ply us for secrets and next year's particularly cool releases.

November 25th: New Dark Age Irish from Gripping Beast available to order. They will ship on Fri, 26 November.

November 19th: New Rubicon items are in!

November 18th: New AK Interactive stuff added.

October 30th: More Bad Squiddo Winter Soviets added.

October 30th: Added a chunk of Bad Squiddo packs (loads more to come) and reorganised the Bad Squiddo section of the site.

October 13th: GEGStarter Hellas begins!

September 27th: Stoessi's Heroes restock has just landed!

September 16th: New release of Early War German miniatures. 

September 9th: AK Interactive AFV Series 3rd Generation paints are in! A beautifully comprehensive range for tank painting from WWI to the modern era.

September 8th: AK Interactive Figure Series 3rd Generation paints are in!

August 29th: The AK Figure Series range is on clearance prices! It is replaced by its 3rd Generation successor (currently still stuck in UK customs).

August 20th: New in from Blitzkrieg, a trio of KV-1 tanks and H35 and H39 tanks used by France, Hungary, Bulgaria and others.

August 19th: Drunken civilians for DMH!

August 7th: A whole army of plastic box sets are released next week. Pre-order 'em here. 

August 5th: New in! WWII 1940 Dutch Infantry from May '40 Miniatures

August 5th: New Rubicon kits set to arrive today!

August 4th: New in! Early War Fallschirmjäger from May '40 Miniatures

August 3rd: The DMH Ltd Edition Starter Set is nearly out of stock and, thus, out of production. Just so you know...

July 27th: Shows! We are attending four shows in 2021 and the details are here.

July 20th: 1914 German, British and French Brigades now back in stock!

July 14th: Dead Lawmen and Cacti are back in stock!

July 9th: Bulgarian casualties released today, and a new Bulgarian Army Builder deal is up in the Bulgarian WWII section.

June 23rd: Photos added to the Frontline resin terrain range, fantastic DMH scatter terrain.

June 19th: Check out our newly configured Dead Man's Hand Customisable Terrain Accessory and Building Sets

June 18th: New plastic Victrix Norman Infantry!

June 6th: New Gamer's Grass Flowers and Flower Sets shipping from June 8th.

June 1st: Shipping costs simplified. Order over £50, free shipping. Order below £50 and there is now a fixed postage rate: £3 UK, £5 EU, £6.50 USA, £7.50 RotW.

May 27th: New from Company B - German Field KitchenPhillipines Cavalry.

May 24th: Pre-order DMH Plastic Gunfighters from May 25th here

May 7th: Romanian TACAM T-60 is back in stock!

May 6th: Tips on constructing motorcycles & riders added to the product descriptions. Click here.

April 29th: Our first set of 28mm multi-part plastic figures is Dead Man's Hand Gunfighters. Click here for a preview.

April 23rd: We have two major announcements in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

April 20th: New AK Interactive foliage is in! 

April 19th: New AK Interactive leaves are in!

April 15th: Updated FAQ/Errata for 1914

April 13th: Loads of new plastic box sets (10 on total!) from Rubicon and Wargames Atlantic

April 9th: New release! Romanian casualties in Winter Uniform and Summer Uniform.

April 6th: Loads of new Company B US Army Scouts, plus new decal sheets now in.

April 2nd: WWII Bulgarian Infantry now available and 

January 16th: New Heavy Guns for 1914! Also, an updated errata.

January 8th: Orders of £50 or more now qualify for free shipping. 

December 16th: Added a Support Bundle for Bulgarians (Released Feb 2021).

December 15th: GEGStarter Bulgaria - the final stretch goal has fallen! We did it, we're making a full range of 40 Bulgarian 28mm figures for WWII!

December 4th: GEGStarter Bulgaria - we are within 1 pledge of unlocking Stretch Goal 5 - Sniper and ATR Team.

December 1st: Christmas ordering dates are here.

November 23rd: This GEGStarter Bulgaria is fun - Stretch Goal 3 has fallen, next up is the ATG Crew. Get pledging!

November 14th: GEGStarter Bulgaria - we have reached Stretch Goal 1! Next goal is to unlock the HMG Team.

November 14th: GEGStarter Bulgaria - let's get a range of 28mm WWII Bulgarians onto your tabletop!

November 12th: New in from Company B - Steam CraneGebirgsjager Decals (28mm infantry), Gen. Patton's Staff Car

November 11th: The Chicago Way and Dead Man's Hand Starter Sets are available now!

September 17th: New Cobi kits are in stock, including the new 1:48 kits at only £19.99!

September 11th: New in from Company B - Japanese SNLF 32 and Romanian T3 (Panzer III)

September 10th: Updated Danish Infantry Painting Guide uploaded.

September 9th: New bundles - Heavy German Casualties and Heavy Soviet Casualties 

September 4th: New Blitzkrieg 28mm vehicles inc. Bison, Cromwell and a host of French and  Italian AFV's.

August 11th: Iron Cross now available as a PDF! 

August 7th: New Release! Romanian R2 Tank. Also available as a troop of three vehicles.

August 6th: New Releases! All Dead Man's Hand. Dead Renegades, Dead Cavalry, Dead Pinkertons & Dead Man's Hand Quadrilogy, all 4 books post free worldwide!

We've updated a deal for all 8 sets of DMH casualties.

August 5th: New Releases! Romanian FO Team in Winter Gear and Romanian AT Rifle Team in Winter Uniform.

August 4th: New Releases! Romanian Forward Observer Team and Anti-Tank Rifle Team in Summer Uniform, plus Bersaglieri AT Rifle Team in Winter Uniform.

August 3rd: New Releases! German casualties in Summer Uniform and Winter Uniform. Plus new card DMH Markers & TCW Markers.

August 2nd: New Releases! Soviet Casualties in Summer Uniform and Winter UniformIron Cross Rule book & TAC Deck plus the Iron Cross Rules & Marker Deal, plus the 1914 Rulebook are free shipping until August 10th!

August 1st: Dead Man's Hand Core Rules now come with game markers and free shipping worldwide! All DMH books are free shipping worldwide!

July 31st: The Chicago Way Core Rules now come with game markers and free shipping worldwide!

August 2nd: New Releases! Soviet Casualties in Summer Uniform and