CoE Army Lists

Army Lists

This section contains pdf's of army lists free to download. Lists are divided into subpages by period. Army lists are constantly added and reviewed, so check back here regularly for updates. Scroll further down the page for the period categories. The latest new lists that have been added are:

Early Numidian, Later Numidian and Marian Roman army lists added to the Early Classical section. April 25th, 2019

Updated in Early Classical: Later Carthaginian and Republican Roman. April 24th, 2019.

There are 98 army lists currently on the website.  An additional 5 in the CoE rule book, 34 (including variants) in Rise and Fall of Persia, 34 (including variants) in Age of Ravens and 44 in Kingdom of Heaven (inc. variants) brings the total of published army lists available for players to 199 (12 of the lists on the website are also represented in source books) quality army lists (not direct copies of other game systems like some other wargames pass off).

Please view the "Using the army lists" file for details of how to construct the army lists which are contained in the CoE Army Lists section.

Also, use the CoE Army Roster excel file which calculates points values, army rating and break point once you input your army list.  We have found this invaluable as we often forgot to do this in our anticipation of starting the game. 


Using the Army Lists                    Army Roster

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