Early War German Infantry 1939-42 WWII 28mm (Great Escape Games)

Early War German uniforms are distinct from later issues notably for the bottle green M36 tunic, high marching boots and gas cape worn on the front. These miniatures are suitable from the start of the war until late 1942 or even early 1943, or as low grade units up until the end of the war. These figures are suitable for mixing with our Stalingrad ranges of German infantry.

The might of the German war machine swept aside the Western European powers and occupied much of the continent until halted at Stalingrad. Poland was the first nation to fall to a combined invasion in September, 1939, from the Germans and Soviets under the auspices of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

The April 1940 invasions of Denmark and Norway secured the north from enemy occupation and in May, in one of the most aggressive and successful operations in history, France fell in a few, short weeks, as did Belgium and the Netherlands, and Britain was reduced to its knees.

German troops marched through Paris for a second time in 70 years on June 14th, 1940. The following April, German troops invade Yugoslavia and rescue the Italians from their debacle in Greece. On June 22nd, 1941, the ill-fated invasion of the Soviet Union, which was smashed and broken at Stalingrad and Kursk, destroyed the myth of the might of the German war machine.