Dead Man's Hand Redux


Dead Man’s Hand was released in 2013 and has seen eight print-runs, a hearty miniature range and our first few plastic kits. And we have a lot more planned for the game, the building range and Dead Man’s Hand miniatures.

The big news is that Dead Man’s Hand will see a new edition released in 2024. Dead Man’s Hand Redux will be released as a new starter set complete with plastic miniatures and plastic terrain. Over the following few weeks we will talk more about the details, but the biggest bit is that the starter set will come with full size plastic buildings, detailed inside and out and with removable roofs for full access gameplay. Click the pic below to go to the Kickstarter page.

DMH Redux Box Set

Dead Man’s Hand Redux is the same game, but with an updated deck, new faction builds, new scenes, expanded rules and an easy pick-up campaign system. We will also have new factions, such as Texas Rangers, The Family, Pioneers and several more. And more plastic sets planned. A lot more.

The cover of Dead Man's Hand Redux features four characters who appear throughout the book as advisors, and will be available as miniatures through the Kickstarter campaign. Click on the image below for some sample pages.

So, what happens next? The Kickstarter project for Dead Man’s Hand Redux is live and we invite you all to come and join the campaign; we have a lot of great stretch goals planned. For those of you who already play Dead Man’s Hand, old and new, please continue to play and enjoy the first edition.

More news is coming - see the links on the side bar - but let's have some pictures!

Had plastic building available in the DMH Redux box and seperately.
The kit comes with a porch and boardwalks. Roof is removeable.


The DMH Redux Starter Set comes with three of the above buildings, the new DMH Redux rulebook, new card deck, markers and 15 plastic gunfighters with bases.

With optional internal wall.


Here we can see three painted buildings.

And here we have a comparison shot with a Dead Man's Hand 4Ground MDF building kit. They have the same footprint.