Let’s get some more Greeks on those gaming tables!

We got six packs unlocked.

GEGSTARTER Bulgaria was ace, now our second GEGSTARTER is announced!

The images show one squad of 10 inc. grenade launcher and light machine gun, and a 4 man command. We also have completed the second 10-man squad. All are sculpted by the wonderful Alan Marsh. We’re asking you to provide some backing so that we can produce more figures. GEGStarter campaign runs until November 30th. Release scheduled for December 13th (for the first 24 figs).

We have two GEGStarter pledge levels for backing that may be purchased from the website. Each pledge level gives you access to a code to spend on the Greeks when they are available.

£35 – Anthypolochagos – Second Lieutenant (24 figures): Command (4 figs), 2 x 10-man Squads (each with LMG and Gde Launcher)

£62 – Lochagos – Captain (44 figures): Command (4 figs), 4 x 10-man Squads (2 x Sq A, 2 x Sq B, each with LMG and Gde Launcher)


If reach our goal of 26 pledge points (Anthypolochagos level pledge is 1 point, Lochagos level pledge is 2 points), we will start adding the following (like a KS stretch goal):

26 pledge points: HMG Team – 3 figs with HMG   ***UNLOCKED***

32 pledge points: 82mm Mortar Team – 3 figs with mortar   ***UNLOCKED***

36 pledge points: Sniper Team – 2 figs  ***UNLOCKED***

40 pledge points: AT Rifle Team – 2 man Boys AT rifle team ***UNLOCKED***

44 pledge points: 50mm Mortar Team – 2 figs with 50mm Mortar ***UNLOCKED***

50 pledge points: FO Team – 3 figs with comms gear ***UNLOCKED***

54 pledge points: Flamethrower – 2 figs

58 pledge points: Prone Infantry – 4 figs being all ambushy

65 pledge points: Mule Team – 2 figs with mules

You can add all the stretch goals at the end of the GEGStarter using the shopping cart where you can select a GEGStarter shipping option for no additional postage.