Early Saxon Armoured Warriors (Victrix)

Early Saxon Armoured Warriors (Victrix)

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These figures represent the Upper class Early Saxons, Jutes, Angles and Danes (all grouped together under the title Saxon) that invaded Britain (or possibly this was more of a migration?) during the 4th to 6th centuries.

There is a real mix of head options and various helmet styles.

Fur cloak options have been added for some extra character. Weapons include swords, spears, javelins, hand axes and some Angons with the metal socketed spearheads.

As well as fighting the Late Romans, they were also hired by the Romans fighting as mercenaries.They fought the Romano British for dominance of Britain for hundreds of years, forcing the original inhabitants of Britain West and North.

Early Saxons tended to use a smaller round shield for parrying and punching with. They would deliver a charge, hurling javelins as they ran towards the enemy and closed with spear, sword, axe or Seax. Shield wall tactics started to come in later. We have included small bucklers but also larger round shields so customers can field whichever style they prefer.

These figures can easily be used as other Dark age Germanic warriors and even be mixed with later Saxons and Vikings. Figures from the Late Romans sets would not look out of place alongside these in a warband. All adding massive amounts of variety to our ever expanding Dark age range.

What you get:

36 x armoured warrior bodies

36 x small round bucklers (9mm in diameter)

36 x larger round shields, half flat and half slightly domed (14mm in diameter)

84 x helmeted heads

An assortment of sword, axe, javelin and spear arms.