Dead Man's Hand Plastic Gunfighters & Wagon

Dead Man's Hand Plastic Gunfighters


What is Dead Man's Hand?

DEAD MAN'S HAND is the 28mm skirmish game by Great Escape Games. Bands of tough and wily Cowboys, stoic Lawmen, ruthless Outlaws and crazy Desperados fight for fame and respect in the Old West.

With an accompanying range of 28mm miniatures and pre-painted buildings, now you can fight legendary gunfights of the historical Old West and the silver screen. This rule book contains all the rules you need to recreate your gunfights and twelve blood-soaked scenarios.

Dead Man's Hand Plastic Gunfighters are perfect for those looking to recreate a wild west game. Developed by Great Escape Games, these miniatures are high-quality and intricately detailed models that bring life to your gaming table. Each model features a dynamic pose and accurately detailed features that make them look like real-life gunfighters from the Wild West. These are great for adding a touch of realism to any miniature or tabletop war game!