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April 22nd: Full size Dead Man's Hand decks are back in! One card was misprinted, and we now have the replacement in. If you have bought the deck earlier, we can now send the replacement card when you place a new order. Just mention it in the comments with your previous order number.

April 20th: It's release day for Dead Man's Hand Redux!

April 10th: What a week! What a month! Dead Man's Hand Redux is revealed at Salute! Come and see us at the show at stand TJ05.

April 5th: New! Afghan Cavalry from Wargames Atlantic.

March 15th: New WWI Russian Infantry plastic set from Wargames Atlantic has arrived!

March 8th: A fresh airdrop from Company B has just landed.

March 4th: Well. We did it. Dead Man's Hand Redux is up for pre-order. Release date April 20th. Will also be on sale at Salute on April 13th.

February 29th: New casualty sets for The Bucks and The Boys!

February 28th: New! Dead Peaky Blinders and Dead Bootleggers!

February 14th: Stoessi's Heroes restock has landed!

January 31st: The new 2mm tufts from Gamer's Grass are in! Four new flavours! Plus new plastic 28mm EIR Bolt Shooters from Victrix.

January 12th: Oh my, the new Victrix Cataphracts are we have had a full restock of Rubicon kits.

December 28th: Our 2024 preview newsletter is out on Sunday. If you haven't already, sign up here.

December 4th: We just had a nice tidy up of the 1914 section of the webshop. We will be adding some more painted pics, plus some news about the Russian and Austro-Hungarian ranges in the next few years.

November 30th: Resupply drops have just landed from 4Ground and Frontline. Get your Frontline furniture packs for your 4Ground buildings and get 'em all painted and ready for the new plastic buildings!

November 29th: A very popular festival takes place in December, here are the Xmas posting dates.

November 28th: One new event has been added to our Wargames Event appearances in 2024, with UK Games Expo added to tour dates.

November 15th: The Kickstarter campaign closes with 1014 backers and nearly 300% funded! Amazing! We're getting hard to work to get Dead Man's Hand Redux finished and released on target in April, 2024. We'll keep updating the Redux pages in the lead up to the launch.

November 14th: There's a chunk of extras with Kickstarter pledges, so please go and check it out now. We have had in some lovely, BRAND NEW AK Interactive wet palettes. These are brand new. We LOVE their previous one, so this one should be good.

November 6th: More "How to Play" have been added to the Redux pages.

November 5th: There is a lot of information regarding the new Dead Man's Hand Redux on our dedicated page.









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