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May 7th: Romanian TACAM T-60 is back in stock!

May 6th: Tips on constructing motorcycles & riders added to the product descriptions. Click here.

April 29th: Our first set of 28mm multi-part plastic figures is Dead Man's Hand Gunfighters. Click here for a preview.

April 23rd: We have two major announcements in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

April 20th: New AK Interactive foliage is in! 

April 19th: New AK Interactive leaves are in!

April 15th: Updated FAQ/Errata for 1914

April 13th: Loads of new plastic box sets (10 on total!) from Rubicon and Wargames Atlantic

April 9th: New release! Romanian casualties in Winter Uniform and Summer Uniform.

April 6th: Loads of new Company B US Army Scouts, plus new decal sheets now in.

April 2nd: WWII Bulgarian Infantry now available and 

January 16th: New Heavy Guns for 1914! Also, an updated errata.

January 8th: Orders of £50 or more now qualify for free shipping. 

December 16th: Added a Support Bundle for Bulgarians (Released Feb 2021).

December 15th: GEGStarter Bulgaria - the final stretch goal has fallen! We did it, we're making a full range of 40 Bulgarian 28mm figures for WWII!

December 4th: GEGStarter Bulgaria - we are within 1 pledge of unlocking Stretch Goal 5 - Sniper and ATR Team.

December 1st: Christmas ordering dates are here.

November 23rd: This GEGStarter Bulgaria is fun - Stretch Goal 3 has fallen, next up is the ATG Crew. Get pledging!

November 14th: GEGStarter Bulgaria - we have reached Stretch Goal 1! Next goal is to unlock the HMG Team.

November 14th: GEGStarter Bulgaria - let's get a range of 28mm WWII Bulgarians onto your tabletop!

November 12th: New in from Company B - Steam Crane, Gebirgsjager Decals (28mm infantry), Gen. Patton's Staff Car

November 11th: The Chicago Way and Dead Man's Hand Starter Sets are available now!


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