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Get your DMH Plastic Gunfighters and Gunfighters II (The Ladies) here

June 21st: It's a pretty packed 2022 UK tour for us with two more shows - Fiasco in Leeeds and SELWG in London - just added. We have our tour dates here.

June 7th: The medieval lists for Clash of Empires have been reposted in the CoE downloads section.

May 23rd: After selling out of some, all the new Rubicon kits are now back in stock.

May 18th: Loads and loads of new Rubicon kits are in!

April 28th: New Conquistadors and Aztec Warrior plastic boxes are in.

April 6th: The legendary Rust Effect liquid is back!

April 4th: Romanian TACAM R-2 and T-60 Tank Destroyers are now remastered and back in stock!

April 1st: Pre-order Gunfighters II Plastic Lady Gunfighters

March 19th: Released this weekend: Greek and Alpini Mule Teams.

March 18th: New in! Wargames Atlantic Italian WWII Infantry and Panzer Lehr troops.

March 16th: Army Painter Speedpaint singles are released on March 26th. You may pre-order them here and they'll be shipped on Friday, 25th March.

March 15th: The fallschirmjäger have landed! May '40 Early War German paratroopers have arrived!

March 11th: New Dutch Infantry squad packs in from May 40 Miniatures, plus new Danish Naval Infantry and King Christian X.


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