Zulu Warriors (Wargames Factory)


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Plastic box set of 30 figures. Wargames Factory 28mm figures require assembly, and are supplied unpainted. More info



Unleash Shaka's legacy! This hard plastic set features 30 Zulu Warriors!

The set features 11 hard plastic sprues. 6 sprues of warrior bodies and arms (5 unique body poses and 18 arm options) and 5 sprues weighted down with a LOAD of 38 parts:

  • 6 shields - 2 with throwing spears attached
  • 2 Induna heads
  • 6 unmarried warrior heads
  • 6 married warrior heads
  • 5 assegais
  • 5 throwing spears
  • 2 knobkerries
  • 1 musket
  • 1 Martini-Henry Rifle
  • 1 arm holding a musket
  • 1 arm holding a Martini-Henry
  • 1 set of both arms firing the Martini-Henry (very awkwardly! - watch out for that recoil!)
  • 1 powder horn on a strap (put this on BEFORE the head!)

Please note: these figures are designed to be historically accurate "stripped down" Zulu warriors - as they would appear going into the heat of battle!


Figures are supplied unpainted and require some assembly. Product weight 300g. See Customer Service page for details of postage charges.