Zulu Warriors (Wargames Factory)

Zulu Warriors (Wargames Factory)


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Unleash Shaka's legacy! This hard plastic set features 30 Zulu Warriors!

The set features 11 hard plastic sprues. 6 sprues of warrior bodies and arms (5 unique body poses and 18 arm options) and 5 sprues weighted down with a LOAD of 38 parts:

  • 6 shields - 2 with throwing spears attached
  • 2 Induna heads
  • 6 unmarried warrior heads
  • 6 married warrior heads
  • 5 assegais
  • 5 throwing spears
  • 2 knobkerries
  • 1 musket
  • 1 Martini-Henry Rifle
  • 1 arm holding a musket
  • 1 arm holding a Martini-Henry
  • 1 set of both arms firing the Martini-Henry (very awkwardly! - watch out for that recoil!)
  • 1 powder horn on a strap (put this on BEFORE the head!)

Please note: these figures are designed to be historically accurate "stripped down" Zulu warriors - as they would appear going into the heat of battle!


Figures are supplied unpainted and require some assembly. Product weight 300g. See Customer Service page for details of postage charges.