RoE Downloads

On this page you will find links to a whole range of downloads for RoE, these include overviews of the books, hobby articles, additional materials and a whole range of Orders of Battle to allow gamers to field additional forces not yet covered in RoE or any of the current source books.

Operation Bagration to the Fall of the Reich

Operation Bagration to the Fall of the Reich is a source book for Rules of Engagement. This book provides all the information needed for gamers to fi eld forces on the Eastern Front from June 1944 to the end of the war. A copy of the Rules of Engagement rule book is needed to use the contents of this book. This is now out of print, but available for free - click the title link above..

Orders of Battle

Follow the link in the title to our Order of Battle page. This page contains various free PDF Orders of Battle for forces not featured in any of our current publications. We have just added the Desert War OOB's and have 17 others including OOB's for the Early War period, Italian Infantry and Paratroopers, Winter War OOB's, extra Late War OOB's, the Pacific as well as many others.

Errata Sheet

Follow the link in the title to our updated Errata sheet.

Book Overviews

Follow the link in the title to have a look at previews of all our published books.

Operations and Objectives

Follow the link in the title to access the downloads for our recent release Operations and Objectives, these include the Fortunes of War cards from the book and a quick reference sheet. Also included is a coversion sheet for Warhammer Ancient Battles allowing gamers to use the Operations and Objectives book with that system.

Rules of Engagement Tutorial

Just recently bought Rules of Engagement? Follow the link in the title to our tutorial which will help you through your first few games.


We have uploaded the two best scenarios from our recent scenario competition. The first 'Point of Attack', has the Attacker trying to force open a breach in the defenders line before they can bring up reserves and force them back. The second, 'Infiltration' sees a small force trying to pass through enemy line undetected.

Additional Material and Reference sheets

Follow the link in the title to find all our additional material, this includes weapons tables, alternative Panzer tanks and more.