Light Green Earth Pro Pigment Weathering Powder

Light Green Earth Pro Pigment Weathering Powder


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Light Green Earth pigment, a buff colour that can be used for a concrete or light dust in its dry form but will turn green when mixed with liquid. It will revert to its buff colour when dry again but when mixed with white spirit or water but may not do so when mixed with varnish or if varnish is sprayed onto it after application.

Each pot contains approx 20ml of earth pigment (weathering powder)

Our Pigments are finely ground Natural Earth Pigments and of the highest quality. Over recent years earth pigments have become extremely popular with model makers, who wish to achieve realistic and authentic looking finishes, especially with military and railway enthusiasts where a weathered look is far more desirable. The pigments are commonly mixed with thinners to create a paste or mixed with acrylic resins or varnish and glues to replicate urban, rural, industrial or warfare surface conditions like:  dust, dirt, mud, rust or surfaces that are in state of damage or repair. They can also be mixed with varnish to colour our display plinths and blocks.

Our pigments are not sold for cosmetic, pharmaceutical or food use.
Use care when handling any dry pigment.
Avoid inhaling pigment dust.

Please note, Earth pigments can sometimes vary slightly in colour from the illustration because of flash photography and your monitor settings.