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  • Lighter, younger yellow rust colour.
  • Covers dark surfaces.
  • Solvent based .
  • Dries quickly to a very high matt finish.
  • Opaque when dry. Colour forms as liquids dries.
  • Water soluble – Washes off non-porous surfaces.

Visible on dark surfaces

  • Colour: Lighter, younger yellow rust colour.
  • Best used for lighter shades of rust or for highlighting. This can be applied over the top of dry normal rust effect to highlight areas of newer rust.
  • This can also be applied at the same time as normal rust effect. Apply normal and yellow rust in small patches allowing the edges mix. This will dry in patches of normal and yellow rust shade. You can also add some copper rust effect to create darker shades as well.
  • The effect is best and most realistic when applied to a textured or rough surface.
  • Apply neat, straight from the pot using a paint brush or air brush spray.
  • Thin with water or thinning liquid
  • Apply to a non-porous surface such as plastic, let dry, and then wipe using a damp cotton bud or tissue (kitchen roll), to create great weathered effects. (Dye will permanently stain porous surfaces)
  • Can be made permanent by sealing with a fine acrylic fixative spray. Apply fine, mist coats so as not to dissolve the dye. Test first because some varnishes change the colour.

If you don't believe in magic, you my do so after using this; you'll end up looking for excuses to rust your models! Probably contains fairy dust.

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