Brick Joint Filler Liquid (Modelmates)

Brick Joint Filler Liquid (Modelmates)


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  • Opaque brick joint filler liquid creates realistic brick and stones joint.
  • Water soluble: brush straight from pot over the full surface of the wall, filling the brick or stone joints. Let fully dry and then wipe off the dry residue using a damp cotton bud leaving brick joint filler trapped in the joints.
  • Best leave to dry for an hour or more.
  • Wipe off at a 45 degree angle to the joints, otherwise you will wipe brick joint filler out of the joints.
  • Brick joint filler is white. Colour using any of the translucent weathering liquids/washes. Mud brown is a good colour to use to achieve a sand and cement mortar shade. Sand brown is a good colour to use for a limestone shade. Slate grey is good for a general grey coloured mortar. Just mix brick joint liquid and one of the above colours in a separate dish and use quickly.
  • Thin brick joint filler using thinning liquid.
  • If left uncovered for too long the liquid will dry. If the liquid has dried out, just mix with some thinning liquid to make wet again.

Weight for postage purposes is 40g. Full details of postage rates are available via the Customer Service page (see link at the bottom of this page).