Watercolour Weathering Pencil: Strong Ochre (AK Interactive) AK10014

Watercolour Weathering Pencil: Strong Ochre (AK Interactive) AK10014


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Weathering pencils are water-based pencils with 17cm semi-grease paint specially for use in modeling. Specially formulated with the most suitable basic colours to achieve all the effects in a very simple way.

They are very easy to control, clean, and of course they are non-toxic. It is an ideal tool both for people who want to introduce themselves in modelling and for more advanced modelers who can discover their properties and different effects.

We recommend using them on a matt surface to achieve optimal results.


Dry Application: Deep Chipping Surface Chipping Rods Scratches Highlight Edges Brushed Metal Panelling

Wet Application: Streaking Effects Rust Effects Smoke & Grease Effects Lighting & Shading Surfaces Dust & Mud Accumulation Colour Transitions


*We recommend to apply them over a matte surface to obtain the best result.

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