Battle for Breslau PDF

Battle for Breslau PDF


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Festung Breslau saw some of the most intense urban fighting of the whole war. The inhabitants were besieged for almost three months as the Soviet Sixth Army fought its way through the shattered streets towards the centre until, four days after Berlin had fallen, the city surrendered on the 6th May, 1945. Players have the opportunity to either defend Breslau as the besieged Germans, taking up arms as forces from Independent Fortress Infantry Regiment (IFIR) “Mohr” and SS IFIR “Besslein” as well as Fallschirmjager troops. Or attempt to overrun the defences as forces from the Soviet Sixth Army. This PDF book presents 8 scenarios that can be played alone or as part of a campaign. As well as the scenarios this book also contains two new Orders of Battle for the IFIR “Mohr” and a Soviet Assault Platoon. The scenarios are designed for Rules of Engagement but are easily adaptable to other games.