Greek Peltasts, Javelinmen & Slingers 5th to 3rd century BCE (Victrix)

Greek Peltasts, Javelinmen & Slingers 5th to 3rd century BCE (Victrix)

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Greek Light Infantry

The importance of light infantry and skirmishers grew as innovations in military tactics were to develop to the point where the "traditional" hoplite battles on carefully selected ground became a thing of the past. Although marketed for the height of the hoplite era, this box set will provide troops into the following millennium, as the Successors of Alexander made great use of lighter infantry and the expanding Romans employed subject, allied and mercenary soldiers.

The set allows you to construct 8 slingers and 48 lighter infantry which may serve as peltasts of skirmishing javelinmen. For the peltasts/javelins there are 8 body variant, for the slingers there are 2, and for all there are 21 different heads; almost half of these are helmeted. There are plenty of peltae (the shields from which peltasts get their name) as well as weapon variants inc. a horn!

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