Medieval Knights (Victrix)

Medieval Knights (Victrix)

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  • 18 x Knights and fully barded horses
  • 54 x Helmet heads
  • 24 x shields
  • 30 x lance arms with enough to make every figure with an upright or couched lance
  • 12 x axe arms
  • 6 x mace arms
  • 18 x sword arms
  • 33 x shield arms
  • 18 x swords in scabbards
  • 18 x horses

This set can be used as Knights and Men at arms that fought from the late 12th to mid 13th Century during the Crusades, the Barons' War and the many conflicts that raged throughout Feudal Europe during this time of turmoil.

28mm sized plastic figures, supplied unpainted and unassembled.