Opel Blitz (SdKfz 305) 3-ton 4x2 Cargo Truck (Rubicon Models)

Opel Blitz (SdKfz 305) 3-ton 4x2 Cargo Truck (Rubicon Models)

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The Opel Blitz series of 3-ton trucks (designated as SdKfz 305) proved the true backbone of German military strength in World War 2. Production began in Apr 1937 and proceeded into Jul 1944 to which some 70,000 4x2 Opel Blitz trucks were delivered out of German factories.

Seven main variants which include heavy ambulance, radio or telephone communication van, standard truck, fire truck, emergency vehicle, and fuel tanker. Some were converted to mount AA guns to guard against low-flying aircraft.

This is a 2-sprue base kit for the 3-tonner. It includes a single piece engine & driver cab for ease of assembly and model integrity without scarifying details. It also comes with a detachable canvas top with an open or close rear tarpaulin. Other features include optional benches, searchlights, spare tire, under-carriage storage boxes and fuel cans. Driver and passenger included!

Product Hightlights:

- One piece engine & truck cab for ease-of-assembly
- Detachable canvas top with rear open or close tarpaulin
- 2 headlights options - standard or small blackout lights
- Optional searchlight, spare tyre, benches & fuel cans
- Driver & passenger included!

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