French Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry - Cuirassiers/Carabiniers (Perry)

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Plastic box set of 14 figures. Perry Miniatures 28mm figures require assembly, and are supplied unpainted. More info
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The box contains 14 cavalrymen, including one officer, one trumpeter and one standard bearer. You can substitute the trumpeter and standard bearer for troopers, giving you 13 rank-and-file if you like. All the figures come with both cuirassier and carabinier heads to allow you to build up units of either of these famous heavy cavalry types.

Enough arms are included to allow the whole unit to be 'at the charge' or a more relaxed shoulder swords. In addition, there are dead British and French infantry and some battlefield debris on the sprues (three of each casualty in the box). The carabiniers are using the square service portemanteau. Also included is a set of bases.

Figures are supplied unpainted and require some assembly. Product weight 300g. See Customer Service page for details of postage charges.