French Napoleonic Line Dragoons 1812-15 (Perry)

French Napoleonic Line Dragoons 1812-15 (Perry)

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The box contains 13 mounted dragoons, eight dismounted (this allows for horse holders), six casualties (French and British infantry), unit bases, and painting guide. Torsos for the correct ratio of troopers for the elite company are included, both in helmets and the old bearskins retained by some regiments. The dragoons' traditional role of dismounting to fire long musketoons was still on occasion performed, but since 1800 they had evolved into regular cavalry. The box includes mounted and dismounted figures to allow their full range of duties to be represented, if needed, on the tabletop.

It's open to debate as to whether the 1812 dress regulations reached Spain or not. Commandant Bucquoy (an early 20th century authority on the period) shows that at least the cut of the coats could have appeared in the brown local Spanish cloth. On the subject of coats, the green of the dragoons coat can be from the more conventional bottle green to the dark blue/green, almost indistinguishable from blue shown on surviving coats in Brunon and private collections.

Figures are supplied unpainted and require some assembly. Product weight 300g. See Customer Service page for details of postage charges.