Austrian Napoleonic Infantry 1809-15 (Perry)

Austrian Napoleonic Infantry 1809-15 (Perry)

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The box contents represent an Austrian ‘German’ Infantry battalion from 1809-1815. The command consists of an officer, standard bearer, drummer, sapper and two NCOs. The box contains heads for all figures with either helmets ( the helmet was last used in 1809), shakos (used from 1809-15) or the Landwehr corse-hut. Although the figures are designed for 1809 onwards as they have the 1808 higher-waisted coat, you could use them for the 1805 campaign if you ignore that detail.

There are 48 figures in the box, two flags, unit bases and a full painting guide.


Figures are supplied unpainted and require some assembly. Product weight 300g. See Customer Service page for details of postage charges.