Mongol Steppe Infantry Plastic Box Set (Fireforge)

Mongol Steppe Infantry Plastic Box Set (Fireforge)

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This box enables you to build up to 24 Mongol Infantry of the 12th to15th century. Although famed for their elite cavalry, the Mongols fielded many foot troops; they also engaged in numerous sieges. They can also be used for Steppe peoples from most eras including the Huns' scourging of the Roman Empire in the 4th/5th centuries CE and as far back as Darius' venture into Scythia in the 6th century BCE; they may even ally with Persian armies. With little or no additional effort they can represent many other armies and periods, such as Koreans. Several weapon options like spears, swords, axes, maces and bows are included. 

Figures are supplied unpainted and require some assembly. Product weight for postage is 260g.