Snow Effect Spray (ex-Modelmates) UK ONLY

Snow Effect Spray (ex-Modelmates) UK ONLY

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  • Press nozzle gently for a light dusting of frost/snow.
  • Fully depress nozzle to spray a thicker layer of snow.
  • Build up layers of snow by spraying more coats.
  • Apply to almost any surface including fabrics, costumes, glass, furniture, metal etc.
  • 400ml sized spray.
  • Ozone friendly.

Snow Effects spray looks just like real snow and is easy to apply. Press the nozzle very lightly to spray a little snow and press hard to create larger drifts. Hold it up close to trees and press the nozzle very, very gently and fine snow will appear.

Its great fun to use. It never fully hardens and spray that has been on for years can still be scraped and polished off smooth non-porous surfaces. Over a few days it dries slightly and cracks a little. Its easy to remove from smooth non-porous surfaces by simply scraping off the larger drifts of snow, then rubbing/polishing off the rest with a clean cloth, (furniture polish also helps). Its more difficult to remove from textured surfaces such as model trees, shrubs and grass, and they tend to get damaged during the removal process. Don’t press the nozzle too hard – it comes out really fast.

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