Norman Army Deal

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Army deal consisting of 99 models, enough to make a 2500 point (or more) army for Clash of Empires. More info



Army contains the following:

  • 3 boxes of Conquest Games plastic Norman Knights (45 figures total) 
  • Crusader Miniatures mounted duke with mounted bishop (general), duke and bishop on foot (sub-commander)  
  • Crusader Miniatures 20 dismounted milites
  • Crusader Miniatures 16 armoured archers (open order infantry) - 2 packs
  • Crusader Miniatures 8 archers (skirmishers)
  • Crusader Miniatures characters and casualties 

It is a very heavy item - 1000g - but shipping is only £2.50 in the UK, £7.85 EU, £12.60 Rest of the World.

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