Romanian 75mm Resita Anti-tank Gun M1943 & Crew - Winter Uniform (Great Escape Games)


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Due to the lack of anti-tank weaponry and the losses on the Eastern Front, the Romanian Army required a type of weapon to replace these losses and supplement existing equipment that could be built in Romania. A third prototype that combined the best elements of captured Soviet weapons and existing Romanian equipment performed well in tests - better than the German PaK 40 and to the Soviet ZIS 1941 76.2mm - and entered production in December, 1943. Few were manufactured - less than 400 - and the gun first saw operational use in the Spring of 1944.

Three crew included. Base not included. Weight for shipping is 155g. See Customer Service page (link at bottom of page) for full postage rates. Figures sculpted by Alan Marsh. Gun by Oliver Piotrowski.