Iron Cross - German Kampfgruppe Summer (Rules & Army Deal)

Iron Cross - German Kampfgruppe Summer (Rules & Army Deal)

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“They sang and marched with pride and vigour and it was beautiful. By God, they were soldiers!”

Major Richard Winters on captured German troops, March 1945.

German tactical doctrine ascribed attack as superior to defence. Even when outgunned, German commanders were trained to seek ways to use speed and surprise to attack and destroy the enemy and junior officers were empowered to react to a local situation without the need to seek higher approval. By 1944, however, millions of casualties had drained the German Heer of much of its quality and the strategic situation meant that it was mostly operating on the defensive. Despite this, the Allied invaders of Normandy quickly learned to fear and respect the weapons, determination and tactical ability of the German Grenadiers.

Infantry are Great Escape Games 28mm metal miniatures. This force consists of:

  • Iron Cross rule book
  • German command tokens
  • Morale Markers
  • Command unit (4 figs)
  • 6 x Infantry Detachments (25 figs)
  • MG Team
  • PaK 38 Anti-tank Gun
  • 2 x StuG III (Rubicon plastic kit)
  • 1 x Sdkfz. 251/10 command halftrack (Rubicon plastic kit)

A force of around 500pts may be fielded with this force.

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