Iron Cross - British Force (Rules & Army Deal)

Iron Cross - British Force (Rules & Army Deal)

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“It is the men that count, not the machines. If you tell the soldier what you want and launch him properly into battle, he will never let you down. Never!”

Field Marshal Montgomery

In the Battle for Normandy, the British and Canadian troops faced the best of the German Army. Despite chronic shortages of manpower and the long war, they soldiered on through the Low Countries, the Siegfried Line and over the Rhine into Germany. It was their finest hour.


Infantry are Artizan Designs 28mm metal miniatures. This force consists of:

  • Iron Cross rule book
  • British command tokens
  • Morale Markers
  • Command unit (4 figs)
  • 6 x Infantry Detachments (25 figs)
  • MG Team
  • Mortar Team
  • 6pdr Anti-tank Gun
  • 4 x Sherman (Rubicon plastic kit)

A force of around 500pts may be fielded with this force.

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