Pre-painted Mid Terrace House 2 (4Ground)

Pre-painted Mid Terrace House 2 (4Ground)

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The Mid Terrace 2 is a great piece of terrain to build from designed to work with a 4Ground Left Hand Semi and a Right Hand Semi, you can also put multiple mid terraces together to make a full terrace street. It comes pre-painted with 4Ground Base paints with high levels of internal and external detail.

Each floor is removable allowing access to each one and the different rooms usable doors. To keep the floors in place there are little locking lugs in each corner. The external walls are of a rubble stone construction and the internal doors are hinged.

This building is not just suitable for WWII. Buildings like this were common from the late 1600’s making 4Ground's World At War range very versatile terrain.

28mm scale models supplied unassembled. Miniatures not included. Weight for postage is 600g.