Pre-painted Damaged Detached House 1 (4Ground)

Pre-painted Damaged Detached House 1 (4Ground)


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This is the bombed out and heavily damaged version of Detached House 1 and is a great piece of terrain to enhance your gaming area. It comes pre-painted with 4Ground Base paints with high levels of internal and external detail.  It can be used with the undamaged versions of these buildings.

Each floor is removable allowing access to each one and the different rooms usable doors. To keep the floors in place there are little locking lugs in each corner. The external walls have seen a fire fight or two with optional damagable pieces. You are able to remove the brickwork at some points to get that better firing position.

This building is not just suitable for WWII. Buildings like this could be seen from as early as the late 1700’s making this range of buildings very versatile pieces of terrain.

28mm scale models supplied unassembled. Miniatures not included. Weight for postage is 600g.