GEGStarter Bulgaria - Stretch Goal 6 - 50mm Mortar Team (Unlocked) - Released Feb. 22nd, 2021


Availability: Restock expected, available to order.





If reach our goal of 25 pledge points (Platoon level pledge is 1 point, Full Platoon level pledge is 2 points), we will start adding the following (like a KS stretch goal):

25 pledge points - Rifles III – 4 figs (these will then be in GEGStarter pledge levels)

30 pledge points - HMG Team – 3 figs with Schwarzlose HMG

34 pledge points - Mortar Team – 3 figs with 81mm Mortar

38 pledge points - Anti-tank Gun Crew – 4 figures (you may also add our existing PaK38, PaK97/38 or Bofors 37mm ATG’s)

42 pledge points - Sniper/AT Rifle Teams – 2 man sniper team, 2 man Solothurn AT rifle team

44 pledge points - 50mm Mortar Team – 2 figs with 50mm Mortar

You can add all the stretch goals at the end of the GEGStarter using the shopping cart where you can select a GEGStarter shipping option for no additional postage.