StuG III. G Early or Late or StuH

StuG III. G Early or Late or StuH


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The Sturmgeschutz III Ausf G was the last variant of the StuG III. The StuG variants had become very effective Anti-tank weapons during the war, the vehicles low profile meant that it was ideally suited as a tank hunter. Initially the vehicle had mounted a short barrelled gun, perfect for infantry support but much less effective against enemy armour. Following engagements with Soviet armour on the Eastern Front the main weapon had been changed in favour of a longer higher velocity weapon much more suited for engaging enemy armour. The model is incredibly detailed and comes with a huge range of stowage, fuel cans, spare tracks and 2 crew. There are actually two variants of the StuG III G included, an early version with a rectangular gun mantlet and a later version featuring a rounded cast gun mantlet. There is also the option to use the vehicle as the StuH armed with the 105mm Light Howitzer, which is included. Also included is a hinged armoured gun shield to go in front of the loaders hatch. This means that the one vehicle can actually be fielded as potentially three different variants! The vehicle also comes with a huge range of stowage, extra track sections, ammo boxes, fuel cans, buckets and 2 crew.