Cheveyo Death Hunter - Legend of the West

Cheveyo Death Hunter - Legend of the West


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Cheveyo Death Hunter has been tracking the Baron and his evil for years. Each town he has arrived at has already fallen. He clears the town of the evil that remains and then continues his hunt, searching for the source. He has finally caught up with the Baron and is looking to bring his evil to an end for all time. He is a great tracker and warrior and second to none with a bow. He will have his vengeance, in this life and the next.

One metal miniature.  Miniature comes unpainted and with a base. Comes with unique special play card.

Weight for P&P purposes is 45g. Please see our Customer Services page (link at the bottom of this webpage) for full postage details.

Sculpted by Giorgio Bassani. Painted examples by Mark Wheatley.