Dead Man's Hand Complete Rogan's Bar, Bunkhouse & Figure Set

Dead Man's Hand Complete Rogan's Bar, Bunkhouse & Figure Set

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After Jim Rogan’s murder his daughter Cathie did her best to make a go of the bar.  With its prime location on a main street corner and a reputation for good beer, clean cards and fine whiskey, Cat managed to make some real good money.  Three years after her father's death Cat had the bar extended up top with the addition of a bunk room. Rogan’s Bar and Bunkhouse is a favoured first option for many a traveller familiar with stopping over in the town of Dead Man’s Hand for a few nights.  It would seem life is good for Cat but she wouldn’t have got where she is now if she was a fool, and she’s no fool; well aware there’s more than one set of covetous eyes looking to add Rogan’s Bar and Bunkhouse to their own boardwalk empire.  

This set consists of:

  • Rogan's Bar
  • Rogan's Bar add-on Bunkhose
  • Rogan's Bar Figure Set
  • Corner counter
  • Small square tables
  • Chairs
  • Bar stools
  • 2 Bunk beds


The buildings pictured have had nothing added except for the PVA/wood glue used during construction of the kit. Each building sits on a raised base. These bases may be modelled into a gaming board permanently, allowing you to create a realistically modelled gaming area but still allowing flexibility with the placement of buildings.

Figures supplied unpainted. Weight 500g for postage purposes. See Customer Service page for details of postage charges.