Dead Man's Hand Pre-painted Sunken Boardwalks

Dead Man's Hand Pre-painted Sunken Boardwalks

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More boardwalks, because boardwalks look great placed around buildings and leading off to outside thunderbox toilet shacks often behind each building in town. The areas where these towns sprang up were often liable to heavy rain and flash flooding, sub-flooring and external boardwalks created and odd ‘Venetian’esk” landscape in these towns. The main street or ‘main drag’ was often bedecked from end to end with boardwalks. If a local ‘big shot’ owned more than a few of the main street buildings, such as saloons, hotels etc. he was said to have a ‘boardwalk empire’!

The pack contains:

  • 1 x 13.5cm boardwalk
  • 2 x 9.5cm boardwalk
  • 4 x 7cm boardwalk
  • 2 x 3.5cm boardwalk

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Miniature not included, shown for scale purposes only.