25mm Movement Tray Pack (4Ground)

25mm Movement Tray Pack (4Ground)

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These Movement Trays can be used for any game you wish as they are to
help speed up game-play and move units together!

This pack includes 2 MDF Trays which have 5 slots each for 25mm Bases
(Total of 10 Slots in this Pack).

Each tray can split into 2 sections, a 3 slot section and a 2 slot section which
can be rearranged into different sized trays, for example a 6 or 4 slot tray
which allows you to form different sized units for your game.

The trays have been designed to fit together with other RCD-MMT-25D Trays
to form even larger units

The pack also includes x10 25mm bases to be used in the movement trays.

Miniatures Not Included.

Dimensions: 95mm x 59mm x Height 4mm



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