Clash of Empires rulebook

Clash of Empires rulebook


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Get playing ancients again!

Clash of Empires™ is the tabletop wargaming rules for battles from deepest antiquity to the Medieval era using armies of model soldiers.

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Game Rules

Complete rules on how to play including clear diagrams and tactical tips; rules cover the organisation of units, movement, manoeuvre, orders, shooting, hand-to-hand combat and morale.

Advanced Rules

The advanced rules cover different weapon types, skirmishers, chariots, elephants and artillery. Unit special rules detail different formations and fighting styles used by soldiers throughout history. The Generals and commanders section shows how these characters influence the battle andaffect the morale and discipline of their troops.

Armies of Antiquity

Clash of Empires is filled with beautifully painted miniatures and armies throughout the book. Included is a section on setting up a game, including elements such as strategy rating, flanking marches and victory points. Each of the four scenarios are presented with guides on the forces available, terrain placement, army deployment and victory conditions.

The Wars of Imperial Rome

This section details how to construct your armies for Clash of Empires and includes lists for Early Imperial Rome, Ancient Germans, Ancient British, Caledonians and Dacians. Also includes an allied section for using Sarmatians and Gauls plus army options for representing the civil wars of 69-70 CE and the Batavian Revolt.

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