The Chicago Way Rule Book (includes TCW card deck and game markers)

The Chicago Way Rule Book (includes TCW card deck and game markers)


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In The Chicago Way you control a gang of driven men determined to achieve their goals no matter the cost. Choose from hard nosed Gangsters, two-bit gangs of Moonshiners, unswerving Prohibition Agents or bright eyed squads of Police officers. 

Campaigns in The Chicago Way represent a season of violent activity as the "good guys" and the "bad guys" tussle for control of their patch against rival bootleggers, or to sweep the streets of the criminal fraternity.

The Chicago Way rule book comes with the TCW card deck consisting of 54 cards, an A5 punchboard of game markers, and a full colour A3 campaign map.. The Chicago Way is a 44 page, full colour rule book covering the following aspects of skirmish gaming in Prohibition era United States:


How the cards work in The Chicago Way to control the flow of the action and how they are used in the player's hand to enhance his/her own guys or interfere with the opponent.

Playing the Game

Summary of the actions models may take: Move, Aim, Shoot, Reload, Recover. 


The shooting sequence covers modifiers on hit rolls, weapon types, results of shooting, cover, falling and under fire markers.

Includes specialist weapons such as the Tommy Gun and pump-action shotgun.


Details how models may interrupt opposing models' actions by doing a duck back or quick shot.

Nerve Tests

How hits trigger Nerve tests and "Big Nerve" tests.

Hand-to-hand Fighting

Describes close up fighting in TCW, including breaking off combat.


Vehicle movement, crashes, passengers, drive-by shooting and getting run over!

The Gangs

Rosters, profiles and special rules for the four different gang types: Prohibition Agents, Police, Moonshiners and Gangsters.


Five bullet-ridden scenarios!


Full campaign rules covering attaining skills, death and injury, campaign influence and money. TCW includes a full-colour campaign map.




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