Stu's Winter Terrain Basing Kit

Stu's Winter Terrain Basing Kit

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A selection of AK Interactive stuff, along with a bit of Gamer's Grass. These are the items we have used on the winter themed bases of our WWII Romanians, Italians, Soviets and Germans. This is enough product to base multiple armies, literally hundreds of figures. 

  • Still Water 250ml (AK Interactive) AK8008
  • Snow Sprinkles 100ml (AK Interactive) AK8009
  • Terrains: Snow 250ml (AK Interactive) AK8011
  • Snow Microballoons 100ml (AK Interactive) AK8010
  • Terrains: Wet Ground 250ml (AK Interactive) AK8016
  • Gamer's Grass Winter Tufts Wild x2 packs
  • Gamer's Grass Light Brown Tufts Wild x1 pack

We pretty much follow the AK Interactive guide on snow basing here: 


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