Bean Supports (Noch) 14200

Bean Supports (Noch) 14200

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The new Laser-Cut minis® are innovative products for super life-like model landscaping.

A laser elaborately cuts each plant out of multicoloured special paper so that even the finest details and most delicate structures become visible.

The special composition of this laser multicoloured special paper allows NOCH Laser-Cut minis® to be tear-proof yet can still be shaped.

The innovative laser cutting process features two fundamental advantages when compared to conventional techniques with plastics.

Thanks to the multicoloured special paper, NOCH Laser-Cut minis® have a life-like coloured surface and their appearance is very natural as they do not have the artificial shine of plastic products.

The application is very easy: Laser-Cut minis® are shaped by hand and fixed with some glue (e.g. PVA) on the model landscape.


4 frames.


Miniatures not Included. Weight for postage is 35g. See Customer Service page (link at bottom of page) for full postage rates.