Seven Days to the River Rhine - US Army - (Rules & Army Deal - Battlefront Miniatures)

Seven Days to the River Rhine - US Army - (Rules & Army Deal - Battlefront Miniatures)

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Senior partner in the NATO alliance the United States had maintained a large military force in West Germany since 1945. Despite possessing some of the most capable forces in NATO the United States’ 7th Army’s area of responsibility, CENTAG, was ironically inthe more easily defended southern sectors of West Germany.

This had been dictated bythe historical positions held by US forces at the end of the Second World War. Following the lows of the Vietnam War the United States military regained its confidence and pride in the 1980s, bolstered by the introduction into service of a new generation of highly effective weapons and platforms, such as the M1 Abrams MBT and Bradley Infantry fighting vehicles.

Additionally supported by numerous missile armed attack helicopters and precision guided air and artillery launched weapons the 7th Army would have defended the ‘Fulda Gap’ against the powerful Soviet and Czechoslovakian forces it directly faced.

Models are Battlefront plastic and metal 15mm miniatures. This force consists of:

  • Seven Days to the River Rhine rule book & card deck
  • US command tokens
  • Mechanised Platoon - 7 infantry bases
  • Abrams Platoon - 5 vehicles
  • M113/M106 Platoon - 4 x M113
  • M163 VADS or M901 ITV Platoon - 4 vehicles, 2 of each in force

A force of around 800pts may be fielded with this army deal.

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