AK8144 Leaves & Shrubbery Foliage (Elongated) Summer (AK Interactive)

AK8144 Leaves & Shrubbery Foliage (Elongated) Summer (AK Interactive)


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The tufts range includes grass mats with fallen leaves and different types of foliage. These miniature vegetation products are perfect to complement your scenes, figure bases and any type of diorama in which you need an extra touch of realism. Choose the type of grass you need, and create your scene quickly and easily, using the AK-Interactive Diorama Series product range

Their size makes them usable for 1:35, 1:32 (recommended) but you can use in other scales like 1:48 and 28mm scale projects.

*Its size is recommended for scales 1:48, 1:35 or 1:32.


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