US-AFV M7 Priest (Company B)

US-AFV M7 Priest (Company B)


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Built of the chassis of the Lee or Sherman (this model is based on the former), the M7 Priest HMC was a US self-propelled gun mounting a 105mm howitzer. It was the most widely manufactured self-propelled gun of the war, first seeing action at El Alamein. The British gave it its nickname due to the pulpit-like cupola, although they later replaced it with a Canadian design, the Sexton, from 1943. Thousands were produced and remained in action throughout the war, notably at the Battle of the Bulge.

This resin and metal model is incredibly detailed and comes with accessories and a .50 cal MG. Weight 220g for postage purposes. See Customer Service page for details of postage charges. Painted photos copyright Company B. Crew NOT included.