M3A3 Stuart V Company B

M3A3 Stuart V Company B


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The M3A3 was a widely used light tank utilised by US, British, Canadian, Soviet, Polish, Chinese and Free French forces during WWII. The M3A3 benefitted over earlier variants of the Stuart with improved, sloped armour, roomier hull, and earier production. The M6 37mm gun proved useful against Japanese tanks due to their poor armour, and the greater terrain handling of the vehicle, coupled with poor enemy anti-tank capability, arguably made it more versatile than the Sherman in the Far East.

All the parts needed to make the Standard M3A3 Stuart or the Recce Version

This resin and metal model is incredibly detailed and comes with accessories. Weight 200g for postage purposes. See Customer Service page for details of postage charges. Painted photos copyright Company B. Crew NOT included.