Das Reich Armour Decals (Company B)

Das Reich Armour Decals (Company B)


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Waterslide transfer sheet including 8 "Jumping Devils", 8 Kursk insignia, 8 Wolfsangel runes.

The tactical marking of the division was a Wolfsangel rune, normally painted in white or yellow. A temporary insignia in the shape of a horizontal bar with two vertical bars was in use prior to the battle of Kursk.

A "Springender Teufel" ("Jumping Devil") or "gnome" insignia was used by the Tiger company of Das Reich during the Kursk battle, Will Fey, a veteran on the unit described history the "gnome" insignia to Akira Kikuchi:
"A tank man of 2.Pz.Regt.Das Reich found a strange metal figure in the streets of Kharkov city after the battle in March 1943. He was transferred to the Tiger company, along with the future, in April at which time his lucky embelm of the Springender Teufel was adopted by the Tiger company."

Above information from axishistory.com.

The sheet measures approximately 4 x 4.5 cm.