Panzer III Ausf.M (F1) Flammpanzer mit Schürzen

Panzer III Ausf.M (F1) Flammpanzer mit Schürzen


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The Panzer III was developed in the mid-1930's as the main light tank of the German army. It began production in 1937 but did not enter full manufacture until 1939 with the PzKw Ausf F. Originally armed with 37mm KwK L/46.5 gun, they were refitted with the 50mm KwK 38 L/42 gun from August, 1940. From February to April 1943, 100 Ausf. M's were re-fitted with flame throwers and received additional armour plating as befitted their close assault role. Intended for urban fighting, they saw action on the Eastern Front but were considered a poor design for the task they were intended. The model is incredibly detailed and comes with a large range of stowage (inc. a bucket!) and fuel cans as well as spare track pieces and a commander.