Tiger II (Henschel Version)

Tiger II (Henschel Version)


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In combat the Tiger II was formidable. The frontal armour, at its thickest, was 185mm and the 8.8cm KwK 43 L71 could penetrate 150mm of armour at 2km and over, and had a maximum range of 10km. This resulted in its ability to destroy any Allied vehicle of the war before it could even get into range to fire back. Less than 500 Tiger II’s were produced during the war. Following the first 50 tanks all remaining Tiger II's were the Henschel variant, one of the most obvious differences is in the appearance of the turret, the earlier version was curved at the front and the sides had a steeper slope, this proved difficult to manufacture and was replaced with a flatter fronted turret and less steeply sloped sides. The model is incredibly detailed and comes with a range of stowage, spare tracks, fuel cans and a commander.