Tetrarch MkVII with 2pdr & Littlejohn Adapter

Tetrarch MkVII with 2pdr & Littlejohn Adapter


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The Tetrarch marked a significant diversion in light tank design, utilising four large road wheels per side which could be turned at small angle to enable high speed manoeuvring. It was armed with a 2pdr gun and co-axial MG but by the time they came into service their usefulness was limited by its weak armour and gun. Not many Tetrarchs were produced - between 100 and 170 - but were utilised by 6th Airborne Division in Normandy. Around 20 were sent to the USSR under lend lease and, as far as can be determined, only two saw combat, both being destroyed in the Autumn of 1943.

The Littlejohn Adapter was a device was used to extend the service life of a 2pdr gun by converting it to squeeze bore operation, significantly improving the muzzle velocity and penetrative power of the shot. The model is incredibly detailed and comes with a range of stowage, ammo crates, jerry cans and 1 crew figure. Note that the hatch opens as shown in the third picture, not the model picture.

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