Elefantino/Bohler 47mm Anti-tank Gun *No Crew* (Great Escape Games)

Elefantino/Bohler 47mm Anti-tank Gun *No Crew* (Great Escape Games)


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"The Bohler anti-tank gun was produced in Austria starting with 1935, and thereafter the license was acquired by Italy, who produced the gun under the designation Cannone da 47/32 M35. The gun was also employed as infantry gun and mountain gun, as it could be disassembled in parts that could be carried individually. Even if it wasn't very successful in any of these extra roles, the anti-tank capability was satisfactory and a number of nations used this gun during the war: Italy (Cannone da 47/32 M35), Netherlands (Kanon van 4.7), Romania, Soviet Union (M35B), Germany (4.7-cm Pak). There were a number of variations regarding the lower carriage, the presence of the shield or the muzzle brake, but the basic gun remained unchanged."




Gun only, no crew included. Metal model. Base not included. You will need to gently bend the trails as required.

If you want a particular nation's crew, please go to the relevant shop page for our WWII ranges: www.greatescapegames.co.uk/miniatures/miniatures-rules-of-engagement.html

Weight for shipping is 170g. See Customer Service page (link at bottom of page) for full postage rates. Gun sculpted by Oliver Piotrowski.